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Josh Napier

Youth Minister

Josh Napier

I am so excited to be Youth Minister at Rock Creek Baptist Church. I was born in Shawnee and moved to South Asia with my parents in early 1992, where they faithfully served as missionaries. I grew up in the countries of Thailand, the Philippines, Pakistan, Singapore and Malaysia. I met my wife, Carina (also a missionary kid), on the Island of Penang, Malaysia, while attending a Christian boarding School. Both of our parents moved to Chiang Mai, Thailand where we completed high school in the Spring of 2003 and we married in the Fall of 2003. We moved to Shawnee and began our new life together. I always felt a deep sense of duty to serve in the armed forces and joined the Oklahoma National Guard in the Fall of 2004. I deployed to Afghanistan (while Carina was pregnant with our firstborn) in 2006 and then to Iraq in 2008. After 6 years of service, I went to work at Tinker as a civilian and we continued to grow our family. We are blessed with four beautiful children on earth: Brandon, Audri, Josiah, and Travis. We also have one perfect child, Joella, in heaven. My wife and I feel very blessed that the church I was baptized in is where we have the opportunity to begin our journey in youth ministry.


I came to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ as my Savior in November 1991 at the Missionary Learning Center in Virginia at the age of 6. I was baptized at Rock Creek Baptist Church on Christmas Day. After a season of selfishly seeking my own way, God called me to renew my walk with Him. I recommitted my life and asked Him to be Lord of my life in 2010. As an adult I have been drawn to work with youth but God placed a specific calling on my life to Youth Ministry the Summer of 2021 at Falls Creek. It is my desire to help youth understand the plan God has for their life, to disciple them in His principles and help them move forward in life wholly committed to Christ.