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Sarah Campbell

Ministry Assistant

Sarah Campbell

I spent much of my childhood in California. I attended American River College and Sacramento State College.  Although my major was elementary education, I chose to pursue a career with Southwestern Bell Telephone for 15 years before beginning work as the ministry assistant at Rock Creek Baptist Church.

I was married to Thomas, who was retired from Tinker AFB, in September1989 and together we enjoyed taking care of our animals and each other. In a tragic motorcycle accident Thomas went to Jesus in July 2019. I also have a step-daughter, Jill, and two grandsons.

Playing the piano at RCBC for many years was a privilege!

If you ever stop in the church, you're likely to see me typing or calling like crazy or teaching Sunday School!!!


As I was growing up, I was in church nearly every time the doors were opened. Because of many Sunday School lessons and many sermons, even as a very young child I began to understand that something important was missing from my life. Whatever was missing had to do with God and His Son, Jesus.  But, I didn't understand what to do to find that important something.

As I grew older and continued attending church, I learned that the something missing was forgiveness from God for my sins. Those sins were separating me from Him. Sin seemed to weigh down on me like a heavy, heavy load.  During a revival service I realized the only thing I could do was turn to Jesus and get down to business with God. It was then that I received His forgiveness. The instant that happened the weight of my sin seemed to just slip off my shoulders. It was truly amazing!

Accepting God's forgiveness removed my separation from Him. Today His presence in my life is wonderfully precious. I'm experiencing a growing, dynamic closeness to the God who loves me, has forgiven me and continues to forgive me! My advice concerning the most important thing in the world: If God is calling you to accept His forgiveness through the sacrifice of His son, Jesus, don't wait!  Accept His offer as soon as you understand you need it.